Actaeon onder de sterren / Actaeon under the Stars, Iris le Rütte (1995-1996)

Actaeon onder de sterren / Actaeon Under the Stars, Iris le Rütte (1995-1996)

Unfortunately, this beautiful statue was stolen in August 2023.

Iris le Rütte (1960- ) is part of a group of artists who play with recognisable forms in a figurative but not altogether realistic way. Her work is more fairytale-like and combines human and animal forms. It can be found throughout the Netherlands.

This sculpture reveals a split image: a deer with human legs. The front and back seem to be moving in opposite directions. The work was inspired by a Greek myth described in the narrative poem Metamorphoses by the Roman poet Ovid. The hunter Actaeon is transformed into a deer by Diana, goddess of the hunt, as punishment for spying on her as she bathed naked in a spring. However, in his new form he is tracked down and killed by his own hounds.

The statue was created in 1995-1996 for the Department of Human and Animal Physiology. Actaeon under the Stars is located at the back of the Atlas building, near the Mansholtlaan.

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