Agricultural machinery in the 19th century Netherlands

Landbouwwerktuigen in Nederland in de 19e eeuw

Brinkman & Niemeijer (Zutphen / Dordrecht). Brinkmann & Niemeijer, Landbouwwerktuigen, Motoren; Brinkman & Niemeijer: Zutphen etc., 1920.

By the mid-19th century, it was no longer just the local blacksmith who made, modified or sold agricultural tools. The Netherlands now also counted a number of major trading companies that focused on agricultural mechanisation. For example, the firm of Weduwe J.C. Massee en Zn in Goes was founded as early as 1832. Other big names were Boeke & Huidekoper in Haarlem (who would later establish several branches around the country), Brinkmann & Niemeyer in Zutphen, and Louis Nagel in Arnhem.

The catalogues contain information about the various implements they imported, with an emphasis on increasing production, ease of use, suitability for Dutch soils and references to practical trials. Education, demonstrations of agricultural equipment and cooperation between manufacturers, dealers and farmers are also mentioned as important pillars to speed up the introduction of machinery and so increase production.