Aerial photograph of Glimmen, with the Bonte Hoek nursery, Rijksstraatweg, the railway line and De Punt train station

Luchtfoto van Glimmen, met Kweekerij Bonte Hoek, de Rijksstraatweg, spoorlijn en station De Punt

This aerial photograph of Glimmen was taken on 29/11/1944 and is part of the RAF collection (RAF 025-01-3136).

The Bonte Hoek nursery consisted of several plots of land and was conveniently located near the De Punt train station on the line between Groningen and Assen. The largest plot of the nursery can be seen on the left of the image. The name ‘Bonte Hoek’ is recorded on a topographical map dating from 1898/1899. The name of the nursery may have been derived from a local topographical feature or farm.

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