Photos of garden under construction at Noorder Sanatorium in Zuidlaren

Foto’s aanleg tuin bij Noorder Sanatorium in Zuidlaren

The garden at the Noorder Sanatorium in Zuidlaren was designed by J. Vroom Jr around 1935.

Jan Vroom Sr lost his eyesight in 1911 due to an illness, after which his son Jan had to quit the horticultural school in Frederiksoord after just one year to take over his father’s work. In addition to private gardens, Jan Vroom Jr designed many parks, cemeteries, suburban green spaces and the like for municipalities and also designed gardens for mental institutions, hospitals and elderly homes throughout the Netherlands. The family business often also took care of the landscaping work itself. An example of this is the landscaping around the property of the Noorder Sanatorium in Zuidlaren, 7 hectares in size.

The majority of the Vroom collection consists of drawings and other documents by Jan Vroom Jr which describe over 100 projects: