Counts of waders near Dronten (1973)

Telling van weidevogelsoorten bij Dronten (1973)

Map displaying counts of waders (black-tailed godwit, lapwing, ruff and redshank) in the Kievitslanden wader reserve near Dronten in the spring of 1973. Created by J. Rooth, scale 1:2500, original format 65x75cm. Printed copy.

This map depicting bird counts in the Kievitslanden bird reserve was included with a research report by L. Stockmann, published in 1978, into the use of the reserve by waders: “De Kievitslanden” en naaste omgeving in Oostelijk Flevoland: werkdocument, Lelystad: R.IJ.P., 1978. – 110 p.

Stockmann studied the use of the Kievitslanden reserve by waders, in particular the lapwing and the black-tailed godwit. He examined which factors influenced the occurrence of waders and their breeding success in the reserve. Such research can serve as an historical benchmark (baseline) for modern research into these birds.