Pencil drawing of the Allium roseum L. by Ike (H.G.D.) Zewald

Allium roseum L.
Allium roseum L.

Miss H.G.D. (Ike) Zewald was appointed as artist at the Botanical section of the Agricultural University of Wageningen (Netherlands). From the very start of H.C. D. de Wit (1909-1999) as professor in botany, she made drawings for the various publications of the institute, including PhD theses. The drawing you see here was used in the PhD thesis of B.E.E. de Wilde-Duyfjes.


The crypts pages / Jan D. Bastmeijer. More drawings by Ike Zewald.

A revision of the genus Allium L. (Liliaceae) in Africa/ B.E.E. de Wilde-Duyfjes. PhD Thesis. Promotor H.C.D. de Wit. Wageningen: Veenman, 1976. P. 174.

WUR Image Collections. Allium drawings by Ike Zewald.