Heathland Reclamations / Heideontginningen

The landscape plan for Het Rossumerveld en de Lemseler Esch (H.W. de Vroome, 1949) in Twente shows the new design for the heathland reclamations that was developed in 1948 and 1949. An interplay of old plantings, careful tracing of new roads and planting provides an interesting experience of the landscape. With canals and rows of trees, the field is transformed into an agricultural landscape with a succession of green rooms.

In 1949, Benthem and De Vroome gave the board of the provisional Nature Conservation Council and representatives of the agricultural sector and Staatsbosbeheer a tour of the Rossumerveld. This meeting was intended to prevent the exploitation of several important natural areas in the ‘most vulnerable part of Twente.

De Vroome probably had a first version of the landscape plan ready at time of the excursion and might have elaborated on it during the excursion. The foresters could no doubt envision the landscape on the landscape plan. The question is whether the others could – or wanted to – form an image of this new Twente landscape. Maybe even Benthem and De Vroome, as nature lovers, had mixed feelings on the project. They will have realized that the fields of peat fluff would disappear.

More information on Rossumerveld en de Lemseler Esch is available in database TUiN.

De Scheeken (Noord-Brabant). Photo: Peter van Bolhuis