Paulien van Vredendaal

River landscape in Gelderland / Gelderse stroomruggen

An early Gelderland land consolidation is Hedel-Ammerzoden. The landscape plan was completed in 1947, according to the annual report of Staatsbosbeheer, and was planted in the winter of 1948/49. Several publications comment upon the “deteriorated land” in the river area before the land consolidation. The farms in the villages destroyed by war were replaced by […]

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‘Oudehoeven’ landscape / Oudehoevenlandschap

Landscape plan Lieshoutsche Beemden en Beeksche Akker, made by R.J. Benthem, from March 1946 is the oldest plan in the collection. The drawing of the plan Spoordonk, made by Benthem and H.W. de Vroome, dates from 1948. These plans are examples of land consolidation in the “oudehoevenlandschap” (old farms landscape) of Noord-Brabant with scattered farms

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Contribution Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen

Various disciplines of the Wageningen Agricultural College contributed to the ideas and the substantiation of ‘Landscape Plan Netherlands’. In fact, the various disciplines were integrated within this plan. Knowledge in the fields of soil science, geology, geography, forestry, culture technology, garden art and plant systematics was used to draw up the landscape plans. For each

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