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Malus ‘John Downie’

Malus ‘John Downie’ This detailed drawing by Elisabeth Riemer-Gerhardt is dated 21 September 1956. Elisabeth Riemer-Gerhardt was born in 1930 in Buitenzorg (former Netherlands East Indies, now Indonesia). She worked in the Biosystematics department of the Agricultural College in the 1950s and 1960s. Besides her work as a botanical illustrator, she also decorated ceramics. Elisabeth

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Dutch bantams

From: C. S. Th. van Gink’s Poultry paintings / C.S.Th. van Gink, A.W. van Wulfften Palthe and P.C.M. Simons. Beekbergen : Dutch Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA), 1992. The book with beautiful poultry paintings by van Gink was presented to the participants of the 19th World’s Poultry Congress, Amsterdam 20-24 sept. 1992.

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A horse leg made by L.T.J. Auzoux

From: Collection des modèles anatomiques de cheval, vache, mouton et humain  /L.T.J.  Auzoux. [Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], 1876-1891. Since 1876 Wageningen UR has owned paper-mache anatomic models made by Dr Louis Auzoux (1797-1880) including a life-size model of a stallion. The anatomical model of the horse is made of painted paper mache and iron wire. The

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Horse model, 1910

From: Handleiding bij het groote model van het paard, aanschouwelijk voorgesteld door vijf beweegbare platen  / Eugenius Antonius Ludovicus Quadekker.  Deventer :  Kluwer, [ca. 1910]  The images of the anatomy of the horse were used in Animal Science education. Quadekker was born in Axel, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, in 1854 and died in 1938 in Nijmegen. Quadekker also published a book about horse races painted by Otto Eerelman.

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