Apples: from Sprenger to compote

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From the ‘Soete Gulderling’ to the ‘Soete Kroon’

Pomologia / Johann K.H. Knoop. Leeuwarden: Abraham Ferwerda, 1758. Plate 7 Coloured engraving. The image is from the book ‘Pomologia, dat is beschryvingen en afbeeldingen van de beste zoorten van appels en peeren’. The front page of the book bears the signature of A.M. Sprenger, so this copy probably belonged to Professor Sprenger. The plates …

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Pollination trials, circa 1935

The photo displays two men pollinating an apple tree, probably in an orchard near Sprenger’s house on the Haarweg in Wageningen. The text with the photo states: Lab for horticultural plant cultivation, May 1935. The photo album belonged to the former Sprenger Institute, Haagsteeg 6, where later the Horticultural Plant Cultivation department was located. The …

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